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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Expansion Plans

The spot that I fenced off for my garden is full of dahlias, amaryllis, glads, and irises.   They are all doing well, but I am running out of space.   My next space to plant is a large corral on the other side of the fish pond.   Its 6 times the size of my current garden so lots of room to grow.  I an thinking about starting a CSA (consumer supported agriculture) plot there.  I will start out with winter vegetables for Southern California which include peas, lettuce, greens, beets, carrots, cabbage, and winter squash to name a few.    Still in the planning phase.  Working out the numbers to see if its feasible.   Here are some pictures of the space.  There is water all around this corral with some high powered sprinklers.  I will probably do rows with plastic mulch and drip lines under the mulch to conserve water as we are in the midst of a big drought here in California.   As you can see, this property is next to a housing development.  This kind of open space is rare in Southern California and I am lucky the owner is committed to preserving it.    I have seen road runners,  western bluebirds, egrets, ducks, raccoons, and the other day, a pair of gray fox sauntered right past my garden area.   I am happy to see them, they will help keep the ground squirrel population in check.