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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ants! Ants! everywhere Ants!

There is a big problem with ants on the property that use for my garden.   They were farming aphids on my melons and its so bad the leaves were curling up from all the aphids sucking the life out of my plants.  Some of the fruit trees leaves are so disfigured from scale, whiteflies, and aphids on the leaves.  The ants are the culprit.  They "farm" these insects for the honey dew they extract and protect the from predators.   I saw a lady bug land in my melon patch and the ants immediately started attacking it.  I had to save it and move it somewhere else.    The challenge is how do you get rid of ants without using chemicals.   I found the KM Ant Pro traps.   They were tested at UCR (University of California - Riverside) which has acres of orange groves.   It utilizes 1% borax mixed with a sweet liquid similar to honey dew.   There is a small slit that only the ants can enter.  Keeps bees and pets from drinking the stuff.  It's a low dose of poison that the ants bring back to the nest and feed to the queen and babies.   It will slowly build up and kills the entire colony, or thats the plan anyway.  I  set two of these traps in areas where the ants are bad and we will see if it works.
Here is a picture of the trap and also the liquid bait.