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Monday, February 24, 2014

7th raised bed filled and planted!.

My parents are going back home to South Dakota tomorrow so I took advantage of having them here to help and we filled the 7th bed.   I have to build some more now as I still have a lot to plant.    My mother is raking and leveling the dirt in one in the newest bed and my dad is watering one of them.   We are expecting rain this weekend - which has been rare so I shouldn't have to water for awhile if we get some rain.   Here's picture of my parents wore out at the end of the day, along with my dog who spends the day following them around.   My dad's feet are in the bottom of the picture.  He's in the lazy boy -sleeping while my mother is studying her flight itinerary.    They were leaving the following morning for cold South Dakota where the weather has been unusually colder than normal this winter.   It was 83 here in Riverside Ca that day.