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Monday, January 6, 2014

One of the first things I noticed about the property other than the hard rocky clay soil was all the gopher holes.   I really didn't want to plants bulbs for all the gophers to eat my bulbs, so I have lined the bottom of the beds with some tight metal mesh.   This should keep the gophers out.  
Next was watering.  I decided to install and low pressure watering system in each bed to minimize water waste.   I used 1/2 inch plastic sprinkler piper with two 10 inch risers in each bed.  I will then attach a 4-8 outlet manifold on each riser to attach some type of watering attachments.  I haven't decided on that yet - and will have to experiment.   Luckily most bulbs don't need a lot of water and will do fine with a weekly watering,  Here is a picture of the pipes with the risers attached.  Its lying on its side but will stand upright when I fill with dirt.