Solutions Farms is unique in many ways. It is an aquaponic farm where nutrient-rich water from fish culture is used to nourish produce, which in turn purifies the water so it can be returned to the fish. Everything is done within the controlled environment of a greenhouse. We are currently one of the largest aquaponic facilities in the West.
Solutions Farms is an integral part of Solutions for Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving family homelessness – one family, one community at a time. It functions as a laboratory for teaching important work values and preparing people for re-entry into the workforce. This is the social enterprise function; accomplishing a worthwhile social purpose while also being a functioning business. Solutions Farms raises hope, as well as produce
They had completely removed the fish tanks and growing beds and were in the process of remodeling the greenhouses.    We met with the manager and an expert on hydroponic systems who explained the new system they were installing which would improve the health and growth rates of the fish.
The site is being rehabilitated and built out in phases. The initial phase will use just over 6,900 square feet of greenhouse and create approximately 3,500 square feet of growing surface. The farms have a projected annual yield of 86,000 pounds of leafy greens and specialty herbs and approximately 13,000 pounds of fish by the final phase. (from their website)
Here are some images from the tour.