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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Farm isn't a Farm without Chickens!

I have started building a chicken coop with the remaining funds from the Kiva Zip loan.  

I am adding chickens for several reasons.   They will give me access to organic fertilizer to improve the soil on the farm.   They will be a source of income in egg sales.   Finally,  they will help with weed and pest control in the orchard.

I have chosen Silver Laced Wyandottes.    They are a multi-purpose breed as they are big enough to raise as a meat bird and also are very good layers of brown eggs.   Here are some pictures of this breed.  They are also know for being very calm.  

 There was an old chicken coop on the property, but it wasn't secure.   The racoons would have gotten them the first night if I would have used it for chickens.   Here are some pictures of the old coop.

I am placing the coop in the same spot, so the old coop had to be dismantled before building the new coop.

Here are pictures of the coop under construction.   The chicken run will be installed where the old one was located on the side, but with much stronger fencing to deter the racoons and fox that live on the farm.