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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heal Zone - AL Centro Mini Market Produce Stand

The Riverside Food Cooperative was awarded a contract with the City of Riverside implement to Eastside Heal Zone projects.   The first project is a mini-produce stand at the Bobby Bonds Park and Sports Center on University Ave.

The East Side Heal Zone is a 3 year project to improve the health, and eating habits of Eastside residents.   The Heal Zone project is funded by Kaiser Permanente.   Heal is an acronym for Healthy Eating -Active Living.    The program is managed by Community Partners, The County of Riverside and The City of Riverside.   The Eastside HEAL Zone Initiative is a place-based intervention that targets both places and people utilizing environmental strategies supported by policy and reinforced by aligned/coordinated education and promotion. At the end of this initiative, changes are expected to occur in the following areas: environments, policies, and community resident awareness, knowledge, skills, motivation, and utilization. Over time, the cumulative result of these efforts will be population-level behavioral changes around nutrition and physical activity in the community of Eastside. The Eastside HEAL Zone Initiative aims to help residents:

  • Decrease calorie consumption
  • Increase consumption of healthy food and beverages such as fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking water
  • Increase physical activity

  • We opened the Mini Produce stand this weekend.   We are required to stock at least 150 pounds of vegetables and at least 7 varieties every week.
    Here are the flyers for the Al Centro Market in English and Spanish.

    We set up the stand Saturday morning and had a nice crowd.   The prices are basically cost as the grant is subsidizing the purchase to we can offer them at a great price.
    We had cilantro, cucumbers, green onions, zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, and finally - some jalapenos, green bell peppers, and eggplant from Fox farm.
    We were sold out by 12:30pm.   We will be at Bobby Bonds every Saturday from 9:30am to 12:30pm for the next 12 weeks.  Although the market location was picked to served Eastside residents, the market is open to the public.

    Here are images of the market - with all the vegetables on display before we opened.