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Friday, July 17, 2015

Water Usage - Drip Lines Installed

I purchased a drip system for my farm to save water.   This is an investment that will help reduce water use during the drought and also save me money.  I installed it over the last week and all of the rows now have drip lines instead of having to overhead water.
I am using Netafim drip tape and running two lines down each row.  My rows are 3 feet wide.   The water usage is very low.  Its .359 gallons of water per hour per row.   That's  less than half a gallon per row per hour or 9 gallons a hour for all 25 rows.   This will cut my water bill by 2/3rds.  

An image from the Netafim website showing how drip tape works.  I chose netafim because if offers a self cleaning variety.

The benefit of drip lines are the water is placed directly in the root zone.  

The leaves of the plants remain dry - reducing the spread of disease.

You won't water the rows which will cut down in weeds in the rows.

Here are some images of the drip lines installed.