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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Home!

I found a new place to grow my plants and bulbs.  I searched far and wide for a spot and the spot that I could find close to my house was 16 miles away in Perris CA.  Although there was plenty of room at the current location, I am having theft issues as it a empty lot that's easily accessible.  I have had bulbs and plants taken.  Its turns out there was a place only 1/3 mile from my home.   Unfortunately, I found it after I started planting stuff in Perris.   I have decided to move my stuff to this new place.  Its 2 acres of fruit trees, a large pond stocked with fish, and completely enclosed.   The owner is asking that I keep it secret because she doesn't want anyone to know about the 2 acres behind her house.    Its very secure with access to water and enough room to place my raised beds.      I will be posting pictures of the area and beds over the next few days.